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Top Ten Reasons To Get Started With ListPipeâ„¢

Friday, July 27th, 2007

ListPipe Top TenWe have recently posted a new section on our ListPipe SEO website titled 'The Top Ten Reasons To Subscribe to ListPipe Powerful Custom Content'. You can see the new list of Top Ten Reasons by clicking here.

There are, of course, many more reasons to use ListPipe. However we thought we would boil it down to a convenient '10' to get you excited about ListPipe SEO for Real Estate, as well as our ListPipe SEO for Dentists and ListPipe SEO for Jiffy Lube.

Check out our new Top Ten Reasons to Use ListPipe SEO and Get Started today before we publish more Powerful Custom Content without you!

Get Started with ListPipe.

ListPipe for Real Estate News Roundup

Friday, July 20th, 2007

List Pipe NewsI was able to find some additional news on the Web featuring our own ListPipe for Real Estate. Here are a couple of mentions...

ListPipe for Real Estate is mentioned at The Search Engine Weblog. You can read about it here.

You can also see a mention of ListPipe for Real Estate here at PR Zoom, and another one here at

Way to go team!

ListPipe Tour

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

ListPipe TourListPipe has posted a new Tour page featuring a snapshot of the ListPipe registration process, an introduction to what you can expect from ListPipe, and a sneak peak behind the scenes at what we are providing to our subscribers. (hint: your own blog training instructions with full video compliments to show you how.)

The ListPipe Tour page is available from the ListPipe Home Page. Take a look and Get Started!

You can see the new ListPipe Tour page at

ListPipe In The News

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Read All About It: ListPipe for Dentists is announced!Our latest news featuring ListPipe for Dentists has made it around the Web and was picked up by a number of agencies.

Of particular note, you can find our ListPipe for Dentists news featured on Topix Dentistry News.

In addition to Topix, you can find our launch to the dentistry SEO market mentioned on 24-7 PressRelease and The Naked Tooth (news for the dental industry).

ListPipe for Dentists was announced last week, featuring Powerful Custom Contentâ„¢ specifically researched and crafted for search engine optimization in the online dental market.

Square Compass Launches ListPipeâ„¢ SEO Services for Dentistry

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

List Pipe for DentistsSquare Compass, LLC, a professional Web 2.0 application development company, today announced the release of ListPipeâ„¢ for Dentists, a new search engine optimization service that provides blog websites with automated Powerful Custom Contentâ„¢ for dentists who want to market their services on the Web.

ListPipe helps dentists gain search engine traffic to their Home sites by providing a free customizable blog and automated content services that appeal to the search engines. Dentists who subscribe to ListPipe’s Powerful Custom Content™ will receive a new custom content to their site each week, creating an optimized website designed to attract search traffic. Articles are optimized for search engine appeal, and are customized for each participant through a unique keyword and customization tool.

"ListPipe's content service for dentists helps improve search engine rank by establishing a dentist’s Web presence with regular, fresh, and Powerful Custom Content.” explains Cary Snowden, president of Square Compass. “…search engines give higher ranks to sites that post frequently with strong, unique and relevant content. ListPipe provides optimized Powerful Custom Content, automatically each week, so that dentists don’t have to worry about it. The search engine advantage is tremendous.”

Dentists can easily create a free, customizable blog website with search-relevant content within minutes by visiting

ListPipe automatically posts a new article to participating blogs each week. Articles are researched for relevance, optimized for search engine effectiveness, and customized based on participant information. Participants approve content before it appears on their site, and can supplement the automated content with their own, having full control over their free blog site.

Written instructions and training videos about blogging for dentistry are also provided to ListPipe participants.

Participants can create a new, customizable blog by going to

Lifting Off with ListPipe

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

ListPipe provides a great solution for online real estate marketers because we are providing Powerful Custom Contentâ„¢ to supplement the search engine environment.

Nevertheless, we continue to encourage real estate marketers to infuse their blogs with their own custom content. In this way you will be able to jump ahead of your competition in online search results for localized real estate services.

Search engines love fresh, relevant content. ListPipe provides exactly this kind of content, right into your real estate marketing blog. If you find that you have time to add some content, it is in your best interest to write at least a paragraph or two.

Don't forget to focus on your real estate marketing keywords, focusing on your real estate SEO goals.

ListPipe's Powerful Custom Content features an emphasis on your location, which helps you rise to the top of search results for your specific area, and also a handful of local spots that you identify as your region or area.

ListPipe provides Powerful Custom Content for real estate marketers. For more information, please visit