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ListPipe on Newswire

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

ListPipe made it on the newswire today. You can see the article at

The article is our news release regarding our launch of services for marketing real estate online.

A Google Search for ListPipe will find the article as well.

If you are interested in our List Pipe services for real estate marketers, visit our official List Pipe site at

ListPipe Launches for Online Real Estate Marketing

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

ListPipe Press ReleaseClick Here to download a PDF of the official press release.

Square Compass Launches ListPipeâ„¢ SEO Services for Real Estate Web Marketing

ListPipe provides automatic Powerful Custom Contentâ„¢ on the Web for real estate marketers.

Salt Lake City (June 20, 2007) Square Compass, LLC, a professional Web 2.0 application development company, today announced the release of ListPipeâ„¢, a new search engine optimization service that provides automated Powerful Custom Contentâ„¢ for blogs in the real estate market.

ListPipe helps real estate marketers establish an effective web marketing strategy by providing a free customizable blog and automated content services. Marketers who subscribe to ListPipe’s Powerful Custom Content will receive a new custom article posted to their personal blog each week. Articles are optimized for search engine traffic, and are customized for each participant through a unique keyword and customization tool.

“ListPipe web marketing services help improve your rank in the search engines by establishing your Web presence with regular, fresh, and Powerful Custom Content.” explains Cary Snowden, president of Square Compass. “Search engines give higher ranks to bloggers who are posting frequently, and with strong, unique and relevant content. We provide Powerful Custom Content for this purpose, automatically each week.”

Real estate marketers can immediately expand their internet marketing by visiting, creating a free customizable blog, and subscribing to ListPipe’s Powerful Custom Content.

ListPipe automatically posts a new article to participating blogs each week. Articles are researched for relevance, optimized for search engine effectiveness, and customized based on participant information. Participants approve content before it appears on their site, and can supplement the automated content with their own. Written instructions and training videos about blogging are also provided to ListPipe participants.

Participants can create a new, customizable blog by going to

What is ListPipeâ„¢?

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

ListPipeâ„¢ is an internet marketing service that provides automated Powerful Custom Contentâ„¢ into blogs for specific vertical markets. ListPipe content is specifically designed for search engine optimization, and is automatically customized for each individual participant.

ListPipe is currently serving the real estate, dentistry, and home business markets. ListPipe is a product of Square Compass LLC, a professional Web 2.0 development group. Square Compass has plans to expand ListPipe search engine marketing services to many more markets. Interested parties should contact Square Compass.

ListPipe is found online at .

In The Pipe With ListPipeâ„¢

Friday, June 15th, 2007

ListPipe SEO ServiceSquare Compass Technologies announced today the launch of ListPipeâ„¢, a new search engine marketing service that provides Powerful Custom Contentâ„¢ for blog marketing on the Web.

ListPipe web technology is designed to improve your rank in the search engines. ListPipe accelerates your web marketing and SEO with Powerful Custom Contentâ„¢, delivered fresh each week to your hosted blog.

The ListPipe SEO service provides a free blog, and posts Powerful Custom Content for specific vertical markets every week.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN rank your website based on the relevance, freshness, and structure of your content.

We’re experts in search optimized content, and have built powerful tools into ListPipe that allow us to create and post Powerful Custom Content directly to your site every week. The search engines will love you, and your organic SEO will begin to grow as we continue to deliver Powerful Custom Content.

Our Powerful Custom Content is optimized SEO for your business based on your keywords, business type, and location. We help you establish these important SEO items in an easy-to-use form that does the hard part for you; you just answer a few easy questions about your business and we’ll do the rest!

As your new site begins to fill up with Powerful Custom Content, the search engines will begin to notice, index, and list your site in their search engine results. This is often referred to as ‘organic SEO’. The more Powerful Custom Content you have, the higher your site will climb in the search results pages.

Click Here to go to our Getting Started pages. It only takes a few minutes to get started with your own ListPipe blog featuring SEO services and your own Powerful Custom Content.