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Affiliate Blogging

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

Utah Web Hosting with BluehostAffiliate blogging has become one of the hottest ways to make extra cash. We have learned that contextual links and embedded links are more likely to be followed than an ad or even Google Ads. Contextual links are deemed to be more reliable and more relevant by readers, and are given high credit scores by the search engines.

Enter ListPipe. ListPipe is a terrific platform for creating and distributing organic blog content across a wide range of variables. For instance, ListPipe has recently been engaged by several affiliate bloggers who want to generate Powerful Custom Content and distribute that content to multiple blogs, each established to fulfill search requests in a specific geographic market.

For example, take a look a the ListPipe blog located at and compare it to the blog at .

These two blogs are similar in purpose (to market web hosting services at Bluehost), but yet contain unique and relevant content based on their geography. The content for these blogs is written by a subject matter expert with specific SEO skills. The article goes through several drafts before being distributed by the ListPipe blog technology. The result is a web of content, all expertly designed to appeal to the appropriate searching customers in the appropriate geographic regions.

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