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Dental Blogs

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

James Hull DentistryListPipe has recently completed an installation project for James Hull Associates in the United Kingdom. We installed nearly 50 blogs on an independent server, and connected each blog to its own ListPipe account. With the ListPipe pluggin installed, we are able to deliver Powerful Custom Content to each blog, every week, even though they are not part of the domain.

The results we are seeing at this early stage are terrific. Within the first 5 days we were indexed by Google. We are now tracking our performance for the UK dentistry market and are watching to see how quickly our Powerful Custom Content is indexed for each of the James Hull Dentistry practices.

Take a look; you can find a few of the blogs in the list below (once you get to a blog, use the blogroll to bounce around and see other blogs in the James Hull association):

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword…

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

lp_pensmall.jpgI have harped on this one before, but it is an important step in your internet marketing: You have to write content. ListPipe provides Powerful Custom Content for this reason. Our service provides regular, weekly content that is researched and optimized for specific key words and terms.

In addition to our Powerful Custom Content, your own copy writing can provide significant advantages in your ListPipe blog.

Writing your own content is not as difficult as you might think, and with ListPipe, is even easier. Because you are getting regular content from ListPipe that has been researched and optimized for the search engines, the pressure to create powerful content is reduced. When you have ListPipe content, your own content does not have to be as complex or optimized.

All you need to do is regularly post your own experiences with your product, or positive customer feedback. Two paragraphs is a perfect weekly supplement to our ListPipe content. Simply write a note to your customers telling them a) about your latest product, b) about a success you had in the last week, c) about one of your favorite product features or benefits, or d) about the growth or vision of your business.

Think of your weekly blog as your elevator pitch, and continuously refine it to match the latest current events in your company or surrounding your products.

By writing a simple paragraph or two each week, you will be providing the search engines with great index-able content that your customers can search for. Regular supplemental content will help you compete even more in your search for the top of the lists.