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The Top Ten SEO Strategies for 2009

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

seo_comMy good friends at just announced their Top Ten Internet Marketing Strategies of 2009 and I was very pleased to see that we have incorporated all but one into our ListPipe organic content strategy for our customers.

Here's a quick rundown of the top ten from the ListPipe perspective: (For more information about the top ten article, visit the Utah Valley Business Blog, or head straight over to

1. Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – ListPipe is all about 'organic content', in fact we just released a new feature that allows us to deliver unique articles to a wider range of customers within a specific category. If you are a franchise organization or a corporate group with a large number of sales representatives and distributors, ListPipe can help you achieve an organic profile across your entire organization while delivering individually customized content for each participant.

2. Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn – Each ListPipe article includes a sharing tag for one-click sharing of your customized content into your social accounts. Most of our users are Facebook and Twitter users, and we have made it easy for them to share content from their blog to a wider group of people through their social networks. We also include with each ListPipe account an informative online training experience that teaches the basics of sharing content into social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

3. Keyword Research – Our custom content is chock full of keywords that we have researched for you. Keyword research can eat up a lot of valuable time, but we recognize (as does that it is critical for any online marketing strategy. Get yourself a ListPipe account, and we'll take care of this tedious task for you!

4. Video Marketing – Like, we saw this one coming; and for this reason each ListPipe account hosted on our servers includes an easy to use plugin that allows you to add your own video content to your blog. In addition, an increasing number of our posts include video content from your proprietary sources as well as from popular video sites such as YouTube.

5. Online Public Relations – Because we are working with the corporate umbrella for many of our blog networks, we have direct access to news and announcements that we republish into your blog so that you can repost to your social networks with the confidence that any readers will be able to find their way back to you with customized links and contact information designed to lead readers to your door.

6. Link Building – This is one of the primary reasons we invented ListPipe, and remains one of our cornerstone strategies. Every ListPipe post includes a strong linking strategy designed to direct traffic to your main site as well as lend Authority to your site from the keywords and phrases we are linking from.

7. Blogging – Need we say more? ListPipe is a blog content service; we publish content each week into your blog for you so you can focus on the important aspects of selling your business. And for you eager bloggers, we provide full administrative access to your WordPress blog so that you can add supplemental content and keep your readers informed at a more intimate level.

8. Conversion Web Design – Our articles and the keyword linking strategy we employ is designed to lead visitors to your blog directly to your site for more information. Links, encouraging language, and a ready-built Contact Me page direct your readers back to you every time.

9. Paid Search Marketing – We don't offer Pay-per-click advertising services; we're all about the organic content side. If you are interested in adding PPC to your blog marketing effort, we recommend, the original publishers of this awesome top ten list.

10. Email Marketing – Communication is what blogging is all about, and for this reason we occasionally publish your email address within a post to help your readers find you. More importantly, we include with your blog a full-featured Contact Form that allows you to collect leads right from your blog. When a visitor contacts you with their email address from your Contact Form, add them to your marketing list and keep them informed!

ListPipe provides professional blogging services for sales and marketing organizations who want to increase their presence in search engine results. Contact ListPipe for more information.

Thanks to for providing this great top ten list.

Read All About It: New Features in ListPipe

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

We finally launched our new automated About and Contact pages.

readallaboutitWhen a new customer signs up for a blog using our automated system for any of our vertical categories (including dentistry and real estate), our system will automatically create an About page, and a Contact Us page. Both pages are fully editable, of course, and can be modified by the user simply by loging into the blog control panel and making any necessary adjustments.

Square Compass created a new Simple Contact plugin for WordPress expressly for the new feature. The new plugin provides a simple way to add a contact form to your WordPress blog. The no-frills contact form will be available in the WordPress plugins library soon. I'll keep you posted.

As for the new Pages feature in ListPipe, users now have the ability to capture more search engine attention with an automatically customized About page. The About page includes a short, custom paragraph about you based on your input during the registration process. Though simple, the About Us content is designed to give search engines a customized glance at who you are, and provides a more mature position for your ListPipe site.

The Contact Us page is also customized, and includes an automated form that allows your visitors to contact you by completing a simple contact form. The form is customized to deliver the feedback directly to your email address, and includes a Captcha for security, and error checking to help assure you do not get spammed. The form is optimized to ensure, also, that your visitors provide you with at least one method of contact, and warns them if they do not complete the comments field.

We are excited to announce this new feature, and thrilled that we now have a complete solution for those who use ListPipe to capture business leads through Internet marketing.

New WordPress Training Videos Posted

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

We recently posted an all new collection of WordPress training videos for WordPress bloggers. Learn how to do the basics in WordPress.

You can view our recommended top ten wordpress training videos here. Just click on the headline for each numbered item to go to the video page.

You can also dive straight into our ListPipe WordPress video library from this page.

Our how-to videos are presented in high quality Quicktime on the site, and are available on YouTube if you want to see them in a smaller version. When you get to YouTube, do a search for 'ListPipe' and 'Wordpress' to find all the videos. There are currently 13 of them, covering topics such as logging in, and inserting images.

Each video on our demo blog includes written instructions on how to complete the task in the latest WordPress version. Each video is designed to teach you a specific task in between two and three minutes. For those of you new to WordPress blogging, this is an excellent way to become familiar with the basics of your WordPress system.

Take a look and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Google Narrows SEO Objectives with Chrome

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

With the release of Google's new browser called Chrome comes a narrowing of SEO objectives; 'top ten' isn't good enough.

Google released a new Internet browser into the wild yesterday, and almost instantly created a sweeping hit. While I sit by and wait for the Mac version to come out, I couldn't help but notice some important chatter on the new browser interface, and what some of the features are doing for the SEO marketplace.

In particular, the new search feature in Chrome instantly returns the top five results for any search. What?!?

Yes, you heard correctly; the new browser will show a user the top five results for any search typed into the search field. This means that if your website is number six, you may not be immediately visible to a searcher. Talk about turning the market on it's head...

It has long been known that a 'top three' presence was almost critical. Statistically speaking, most of us select our sites from the top two or three slots on any given search results page. Even worse, we typically do this within 7-10 seconds of getting the results page, and we rarely go below the top three. Searchers almost never go to page two. Nevertheless, a presence on the top page, or the 'top ten' was seen as a holy grail of SEO, and generally considered good placement.

Chrome may change the way we look at placement, and will certainly make a top five placement the critical goal.

Check out what CNN had to say about it...

New Sub Domains to Choose From!

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

We have been working to improve our system, and have implemented the ability for new customers to select from a growing range of custom sub-domains. This means we can now deliver an automated blog system through ListPipe that provides a little more autonomy from the ListPipe system itself.

We are starting with three new domains to choose from; one from each of our current target markets:

When a new customer of ListPipe signs up for a new blog, and subscription to our custom copywriting service, you will have the opportunity to select from one of these domains, and then have the opportunity to name your own sub-domain in the system.

The result is an automated system that allows you to create a blog site such as ''. Naming a sub-domain with a keyword modifier provides an important advantage in SEO, and the more relevant domain names will go a long way to help expand our ability to market the blogs within our system.

We are thrilled that we can now deliver more relevant sub-domains for our future customers. Pass this news along to anyone you know in the real estate, dentistry, or chiropractic markets.

Beehive Credit Union Blogs Posted

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

ListPipe continues to grow and our latest corporate client, Beehive Credit Union, has recently posted eight new blogs to help extend their web based marketing for their localized banking and credit union service.

Beehive Credit Union is an up and coming financial credit union with roots as far back as 1954. They have branches in most major areas of Utah, including several in the Salt Lake City area, Provo, and as far south as St. George.

You can see each of the Beehive Credit Union banking blogs by clicking the links below:

Murray Beehive Credit Union

Parley's Way Beehive Credit Union

Provo Beehive Credit Union

Salt Lake City Beehive Credit Union

Sandy Beehive Credit Union

South Jordan Beehive Credit Union

St. George Beehive Credit Union

Taylorsville Beehive Credit Union

ListPipe provides Powerful Custom Content™ for Beehive Credit Union. We post a new customized blog article each week that includes research on keywords, and high value links to important pages on their home site.

Dental Blogs

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

James Hull DentistryListPipe has recently completed an installation project for James Hull Associates in the United Kingdom. We installed nearly 50 blogs on an independent server, and connected each blog to its own ListPipe account. With the ListPipe pluggin installed, we are able to deliver Powerful Custom Content to each blog, every week, even though they are not part of the domain.

The results we are seeing at this early stage are terrific. Within the first 5 days we were indexed by Google. We are now tracking our performance for the UK dentistry market and are watching to see how quickly our Powerful Custom Content is indexed for each of the James Hull Dentistry practices.

Take a look; you can find a few of the blogs in the list below (once you get to a blog, use the blogroll to bounce around and see other blogs in the James Hull association):

ListPipe Reviewed

Monday, January 14th, 2008

ListPipe was reviewed this week by Chase Sagum, a popular blogger who reviews web based software for the online marketing and development communities.

Chase SagumChase discusses the difference between ListPipe Powerful Custom Content, and automated content services that produce what he calls an 'explosion of content that is designed to satisfy search engines, but not humans.' He goes on to explain that the type of custom content that ListPipe provides is exactly what it takes to get noticed by the search engines, and to achieve a valuable organic search ranking.

In a special nod, Chase recognizes that ListPipe pricing is a great value. He closes by saying that he finds ListPipe to be a 'remarkable and virtually indispensable service for blog marketers who are looking to reach the top of the search engines with good organic SEO content that will appeal to the search engines, and to customers.'

Check out Chase Sagum's terrific review of ListPipe at

New ListPipe Blog Listings

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

List Pipe SEOWhenever a new blog is started in our ListPipe system, the blog is automatically listed in our Blog Listings.

We do this to help Google, Yahoo!, and MSN find your blog faster, and to lend some ListPipe credibility to your new site.

It is part of our internal linking strategy that helps each site in our system to be found, and to leverage each other.

To find any of our blog listings, just go to the 'Now Serving' link from our Home Page, and then select any of the vertical market pages from there (you have a choice of Dentistry, Real Estate, Isagenix, or Jiffy Lube). Then, select 'View Blogs' from any of the vertical market pages to see a list of participating blogs.

You can find listings of our ListPipe for Real Estate blogs at

We post our ListPipe for Dentist blogs at

Are you part of the Isagenix cleanse movement? You can find our ListPipe for Isagenix blogs at

And you will find our ListPipe for Jiffy Lube blogs at

We are adding more topics to the ListPipe subscription service to help even more customers with Powerful Custom Content written just for you. If you have a new vertical market that you would like to suggest, please visit our 'Suggest a New Market' page.