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ListPipe Reviewed

Monday, January 14th, 2008

ListPipe was reviewed this week by Chase Sagum, a popular blogger who reviews web based software for the online marketing and development communities.

Chase SagumChase discusses the difference between ListPipe Powerful Custom Content, and automated content services that produce what he calls an 'explosion of content that is designed to satisfy search engines, but not humans.' He goes on to explain that the type of custom content that ListPipe provides is exactly what it takes to get noticed by the search engines, and to achieve a valuable organic search ranking.

In a special nod, Chase recognizes that ListPipe pricing is a great value. He closes by saying that he finds ListPipe to be a 'remarkable and virtually indispensable service for blog marketers who are looking to reach the top of the search engines with good organic SEO content that will appeal to the search engines, and to customers.'

Check out Chase Sagum's terrific review of ListPipe at

ListPipe Receives New Page Rank

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

ListPipe received a higher page rank from Google this past week, confirming that our SEO content continues to appeal to search engines.

ListPipe Page Rank

We made our search engine debut at an impressive ranking of '3'. A ranking of three is difficult to achieve and can take years. In our case, it took about a year. We have worked with some sites that have been up for multiple years without any ranking whatsoever. Our outstanding blog system and Powerful Custom Content helped us climb through the ranks in a relatively short period of time.

In the last week, Google released new page rankings. We saw the ListPipe page rank jump from 3-out-of-10 to a solid 4-out-of-10. Gaining another point in our page rank indicates we are on the right track and doing what it takes to garner the attention of the search engines and maintain positive growth.

ListPipe Powerful Custom Content for blogs provides a strong strategic advantage for companies wanting to achieve a higher page rank. We provide custom content for blogs once each week. We also provide blog training and consulting to help writers and bloggers develop powerful content for search engine marketing.

This latest increase in our page rank indicates that out strategies work and the search engines are taking notice.

If you would like to see how ListPipe can help you increase your page rank, Get Started today.

If you have comments or feedback, click here.

To check the Google page rank of your webpage (or ours), use this Google pagerank checking tool. It's free.

What is a Blog?

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Sample BlogPeople often ask me "What is a blog?". The most common follow-up questions is "How is a blog different from a website?"

My short answer is that a blog is very similar, if not the same, as a website. Although there are a few differences.

For reference, I have set up a demonstration blog at

Blogs come in many shapes and sizes, and can fulfill a number of purposes. We'll get in to this later. For now, let's focus on answering the question; "What is a blog?"

In terms of content, a blog is the electronic equivalent of a journal or diary. Blog software is designed to make it easy for you to add content on a regular schedule, and to present it in a chronological series. Each entry you make is called a 'post', and each post can be of any length and can include images, audio files, and even video.

If you haven't had a chance to take a look at the demo blog, take a moment to look around.You'll see that there are several articles posted on the main page, each including images and links.

You will also notice a navigation structure along the right hand side of the page. You can also see this same navigation to the right of this post. The blog software takes care of creating this navigation for you, allowing you to focus on content development without the worry of managing a website.

As you browse the navigation, you will notice that there are links to pages that are not included in the 'journal' format. Most blogs allow you to distinguish between a 'blog post' (a 'journal entry'), and a 'static page'. A static page is a standalone page of content that you want to be available to your readers all the time, and that isn't dependent on the chronological format.

Blog postings are your regular updates, and static pages are your information pages. Common uses for these static pages are a 'Contact Me' page, an About Me' page, or other reference material that needs to be accessible all the time.

Blogs often include a 'blogroll' too. A blogroll is simply a list of URLs that the blogger chooses to include as additional resources or for reference. The blogroll can be an important SEO tool as you learn to create external links to other sites that are relevant to your blog subject.

Blogs are great SEO tools because they appeal to search engines for several reasons. In particular, a blog allows you to post content as frequently as you can. Search engines are constantly looking for new content to index, and blogs make it easy for you to provide indexable content. The more frequently you post content, the more often the search engines will visit your site to look for new content.

ListPipe blogs receive weekly content from our professional writers in order to train the search engines to visit frequently. The more frequent the visitations, the sooner new content is indexed and searchable.

Blogs are extremely flexible, and allow us regular folks the ease and freedom to create content on the Internet. Take a look at the sample blog to learn more about what a blog is, how a blog works, and what can be done with a blog.

I'll be posting regular content here in our SEO Tips Blog to help you better understand blogging, and how it can help you reach a wider audience and bring traffic to your 'normal' website.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

lp_fireworks.jpgHappy New Year to you from the staff at ListPipe. We are excited about what the next year holds for our growing company and hope the best for you in your online marketing efforts.

We are launching our 2008 marketing plan that will include exciting online marketing strategies (built into ListPipe), new types of content, and new vertical markets.

Perhaps our most exciting news is our expansion into international online marketing, with new customers in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

We are very excited about these and many other plans for this new year, and look forward to a great new year with you.

Happy New Year!