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ListPipe Ranked #1 for 'SEO for Dentist'

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

List Pipe SEO for DentistsListPipe is currently ranked #1 by Google for the search term 'seo for dentist'. Go ahead and give it a try by clicking below:

Click here to search Google for the term 'seo for dentist'.

As part of our ListPipe marketing effort, it is important for us to reach #1 positions in searches for terms that we are marketing for. Our ListPipe SEO for Dentists product is specifically marketed to leading dentists who want to reach the top of the search pages for keyword terms related to dentistry.

As we begin to reach the top of search engine results for terms that specifically relate to our chosen markets, we will highlight them here to show you how our marketing efforts are helping ListPipe get to the top of the searches.

When ListPipe gets to the top of the searches, our subdomain sites, including yours if you are a ListPipe customer, also benefit. We are working hard to raise awareness for ListPipe, and to increase our page rank and web status. In this way we benefit our customers who choose our Powerful Custom Content for their own marketing strategies.

Take a look, here, at our dentist blogs, where we provide Powerful Custom Content for dentists who want to increase their presence on the Web in a powerful way.

If you are a dentist, and are interested in search engine optimization, click here to get started with ListPipe SEO for Dentists.

ListPipe Getting Noticed

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

CenterNetworks features ListPipe SEOOur ListPipe SEO service has caught the attention of yet another online news collector. You will find a ListPipe SEO mention on CenterNetworks, a news group that reviews new technologies on the Internet. According to their website...

"CenterNetworks was relaunched in September 2006 to focus on the 'new' Internet. The mission is to help industry professionals learn more about topics including: social networking, Web 2.0, and social media"

We are excited they found ListPipe SEO, and are more than pleased to have the attention.

You can see our mention on their site at the URL listed below, or by clicking HERE.

InoZoom Talks Up ListPipe

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

ListPipe on INOZOOMI couldn't help but notice that startup company INOZOOM posted a story about ListPipe.

You can see the article here: .

INOZOOM is listed as a 'beta' site specializing in finding and posting news about Internet startups.

Visit our story on INOZOOM by clicking here.

Adding More Vertical Markets

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

Excitement for ListPipe is gaining momentum. We are currently providing our Powerful Custom Content for real estate agents, as well as for dentists, and have added a couple of new ListPipe search engine marketing verticals. Here is a quick introduction:

ListPipe for Isagenix is starting to gain some traction. We have published four incredible articles into this category. For a sample of our Powerful Custom Content for Isagenix, take a look at

ListPipe for Jiffy Lube has also been officially kicked off. We are starting slow but steady with Jiffy Lube content and have published three posts full of Powerful Custom Content into the Jiffy Lube SEO category. You can see an example of our Jiffy Lube blogs at

We are launching a new vertical market for the home based cosmetics business industry. This is an experimental market for us and we are just getting off the ground with this one. We hope to begin publishing Powerful Custom Content for the cosmetics industry in the next couple of weeks, and are searching for early adopters to begin the process.

If you are part of the incredible cosmetics industry, and have your own home business selling cosmetics, give ListPipe for Cosmetics SEO a try for some great content, and a great place to do your own blogging about your cosmetics home business.

You can see examples of our SEO content for real estate agents at, and examples of our seo content for dentists at

ListPipe on AppsMania

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

ListPipe on AppsManiaListPipe was picked up by, a site that searched for hip internet applications and allows visitors to rate them from 1-10.

ListPipe is currently rated a '7', and can be found here at is a Web Applications Showcase featuring a screenshot, description, and links to each online application they feature. featured ListPipe on August 10th.

Click Here to visit the ListPipe page on Rate our online ListPipe application while you're there!

ListPipe SEO for Real Estate

Friday, August 10th, 2007

ListPipe SEO for Real EstateOur ListPipe SEO for Real Estate is starting to garner some attention around the Web. As we work to put the finishing details on our real estate partnerships and begin marketing to real estate agents we expect our real estate blog list to begin filling up.

You can see examples of real estate blogs in the ListPipe system by visiting our Real Estate Blog list page.

Real estate agents and agencies who start up a blog in our ListPipe SEO for Real Estate system are automatically listed on this page.

Take a look at our real etstate blog listing to see examples of a few of the custom headers we have to choose from, and the Powerful Custom Contentâ„¢ that we provide each blog, every week.

Click Here to visit our Real Estate Blog list.

ListPipe Listed on

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

List Pipe on KillerStartups.comListPipe was reviewed and listed today by KillerStartups.

KillerStartups is a new site that reviews and ranks new Internet startups on their Internet Startup Community website. Sites that pass muster are listed for others to review. Reviewers (like you) can apply 'Killer' points, raising a listed site's rank in their daily, weekly, monthly, and 'All Time' listings.

Take a moment to look around KillerStartups while you're there. It looks like ListPipe isn't the only 'Killer Startup' making some noise.

We are excited to be a part of the KillerStartups review. They have a terrific site, perform a great service for startups like us, and provide a great source of attention and awareness among the community of Internet Startups and Investors.

You can review our site on KillerStartups by clicking here.

Don't forget to give ListPipe a Killer Point. Just click the 'Killers' button to the left of the article.

Tell your friends about it too; we'll use all the help we can get. Thanks!

New Video Presentation Posted

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

ListPipe Did You Know Video PresentationWe have created a new 'Did You Know' page, featuring a short video presentation about ListPipe.

The video includes a few slides on why ListPipe is such an effective SEO tool, and provides an overview of the key features of ListPipe.

Click Here to see the video presentation posted on our ListPipe home page.

New Instant Approval Feature

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

ListPipe New Content

The ListPipe confirmation and approval email now features Instant Approval, so you can review and approve your new content directly from the confirmation email, without having to login to your account and navigate the control panel.

Each time ListPipe sends out a new post we also send an email confirmation asking you to approve the content before it goes live in your personal blog. In the past we required that you login to your blog control panel, review the article, and then approve it by manually publishing the article.

We are thrilled to announce that our new confirmation email is reformatted and retooled to be easier to understand, provide more information, and to enable instant approval. Right from within the email.

The new email format includes a single-click, Instant Approval link. Clicking this link will automatically approve your content and post it to your site. You will be taken to a confirmation page in your browser that includes links to see your new content posted live in your blog.

The new email also includes a complete preview of the article. Right in the email! If you want to review the content, there is no longer a need to login to your blog or manually navigate and publish the article. You still can, of course; you just don't have to.

You will find additional links in every confirmation email, including a link to your ListPipe Control Panel, your Blog Control Panel, and an opportunity to spread the word about ListPipe through our Tell A Friend form.

The Bottom Line: You will no longer be required to login to your control panel in order to approve your Powerful Custom Content from ListPipe. You can do it right from the confirmation email. Hooray!