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Dental Blog Results

Monday, September 24th, 2007

West Jordan Dentist

Our ListPipe for Dentists dental blog service, complete with Powerful Custom Content, is working like a charm.

Our West Jordan Dentist, Wells Wagner, has progressively risen to the top pages of Google's search engine for 'west jordan dentist' and for 'west jordan family dentist'. There are nearly two million pages competing for this particular term, and Wells has passed nearly all of them in only two months.

Go ahead, give it a try. Click Here to search Google for 'west jordan dentist', and Click Here to search for 'west jordan family dentist.

You'll find wells on the first page in the number two spot for 'west jordan family dentist, and on the second page in the number 12 spot for the slightly more competitive 'west jordan dentist'. Just look for the ListPipe subdomain featuring the title 'Family Dentistry'.

Congratulations Wells! You have made it to the top of the search engines in a very competitive dental market, thanks to ListPipe.

ListPipe Gets a FaceLift

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

List Pipe SEOWe recently updated the ListPipe Home Page and did a little sprucing up of the graphics. We have received a few comments that the pages were looking a little,... 'stark'.

We have plans to update again in the future, and for now are excited to have a new look to show off as we continue to gain momentum.

Visit the ListPipe Home Page and check out our new look.

ListPipe Climbs in Alexa

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

AlexaOur Alexa rating continues to climb at a steady pace. When we first began tracking our Alexa rank we were listed at well over a million, and today have reached a respectable 227,857.

For those of you unfamiliar with Alexa, they are a group that ranks each site on the Web based on popularity. Strictly speaking, Alexa measures the amount of traffic coming to your site, and then place you on a list starting with #1 (the most popular site on the Web) and ending in the millions.

The popularity of your site is increased as you perform web-based marketing to attract attention. ListPipe is a tool that can help you increase the popularity of your own home page with a supplemental blog (such as this one) where you can write content that will attract people who are searching for your key words.

The problem is; not everyone is a prolific blogger. Let's face it, blogging takes time and you have better things to do. Especially if you are one of our primary target audiences for ListPipe. We feature ListPipe SEO for Dentists, and ListPipe SEO for Real Estate. If you are a dentist, or a real estate marketer, ListPipe can save you time by providing Powerful Custom Content for you each week.

It works like this: You generate a blog on the ListPipe system, and then sit back and relax. We do all the writing for you. Each week we research a new story, optimize for search engine traffic, incorporate your own personal information, and post it to your blog website. You approve the article with one click from within an email that we send you whenever we post new content, and viola!, your site begins to grow with organic content that places you and your business into the search engines.

Our Alexa ranking is important to us because it is an indication that we are growing in popularity, and that our blogs are being viewed by search engines, and driving traffic to our site. When traffic comes to our site, they are also coming to your ListPipe blog.