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Get Started


Welcome to the APG social marketing setup page. On the following pages you will be asked for information to set up your new social marketing blog account for Dentistry, Real Estate, or Chiropractic.


Watch a short instructional video on How To Get Started. (You will need Quicktime to watch this video.)

On the following pages you will enter basic information to start your own personal APG blog. The process is quick and easy, and only requires you to know and enter information such as your name, address, and basic product information. There are easy instructions along the way. Get Started Now » There are three primary forms to complete. The process takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete:

  1. Create Account: The first form will ask for basic account information. We will also ask you to create a username and password, and to create a blog subdomain and to name your new blog. You will be guided along the way; it's easy.
  2. Choose Graphics: You will have an opportunity to dress up your blog from a selection of pre-made blog headers. You can choose your favorite from a collection, and will have a chance to see how your blog header will look before you make your final choice.
  3. Provide Content: We will be writing content that is customized just for you. On this final form we will ask you to give us some additional information that we can use to generate customized content for your new blog each week. That's it!
When you are finished, you will have a new personal blog website.

Get Started Now »


If you are not yet signed up with APG please contact the person who referred you to this site.