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Five Easy Things You Can Do To Increase Your Page Rank

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

5 SEO TipsWe often get questions about how to improve your Page Rank. The truth is that this is a pretty complex question, but there are a few simple things you can do to improve your page rank. We've assembled the five easiest, and free-est items you can add to your list to help improve the rank of your site and raise your visibility in the search engines.

Every time you post a new article on your site, do these five things:

  1. Make Comments On Other Blogs: Seek other blogs that are similar to yours and make genuine, positive comments on their posts. Most often they will let you include a link to your site. These linkbacks are extremely valuable.
  2. Share Your Posts On Twitter. Twitter posts are being indexed by Google, and that means that links to your content are being counted as linkbacks; good stuff!
  3. Share Your Posts On Facebook. Like Twitter, Facebook posts are indexed by Google. Not only do you share your content and linkbacks with your friends and their friends, but you gain additional recognition from Google.
  4. Share Your Posts To StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is a link sharing site that is recognized as one of the leading sources of visibility. Posting your articles to StumbleUpon is like shouting your news through a bullhorn on a busy street; lots of people will have access, and Google will see your linkback.
  5. Share Your Links On Digg. Digg is a social bookmarking site that has become quite popular. As such, it is a good place to post and share your links for the same reasons stated above. Users of Digg vote for interesting content, so if you gain some recognition there is a chance it will take off and go viral.

There are some wonderful tools you can use to make these simple tasks even easier. On our ListPipe sites we always include the AddToAny tool that allows you to share with a simple click. You'll find this at the bottom of every article.

Managing your Facebook and Twitter accounts are made easy with HootSuite, a free tool that allows you to post from a central location to multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts. Of course this is also made easy in your ListPipe Control Panel, where you can automate the process of posting your content to Facebook and Twitter.

These five steps would take less than five minutes to complete for any given post, and make a good base of tasks for every article.

For more information on what you can do to improve your site rank, and increase your visibility in search results, visit our sister site at Business Blogger Tips.

Google Narrows SEO Objectives with Chrome

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

With the release of Google's new browser called Chrome comes a narrowing of SEO objectives; 'top ten' isn't good enough.

Google released a new Internet browser into the wild yesterday, and almost instantly created a sweeping hit. While I sit by and wait for the Mac version to come out, I couldn't help but notice some important chatter on the new browser interface, and what some of the features are doing for the SEO marketplace.

In particular, the new search feature in Chrome instantly returns the top five results for any search. What?!?

Yes, you heard correctly; the new browser will show a user the top five results for any search typed into the search field. This means that if your website is number six, you may not be immediately visible to a searcher. Talk about turning the market on it's head...

It has long been known that a 'top three' presence was almost critical. Statistically speaking, most of us select our sites from the top two or three slots on any given search results page. Even worse, we typically do this within 7-10 seconds of getting the results page, and we rarely go below the top three. Searchers almost never go to page two. Nevertheless, a presence on the top page, or the 'top ten' was seen as a holy grail of SEO, and generally considered good placement.

Chrome may change the way we look at placement, and will certainly make a top five placement the critical goal.

Check out what CNN had to say about it...

Beehive Credit Union Blogs Posted

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

ListPipe continues to grow and our latest corporate client, Beehive Credit Union, has recently posted eight new blogs to help extend their web based marketing for their localized banking and credit union service.

Beehive Credit Union is an up and coming financial credit union with roots as far back as 1954. They have branches in most major areas of Utah, including several in the Salt Lake City area, Provo, and as far south as St. George.

You can see each of the Beehive Credit Union banking blogs by clicking the links below:

Murray Beehive Credit Union

Parley's Way Beehive Credit Union

Provo Beehive Credit Union

Salt Lake City Beehive Credit Union

Sandy Beehive Credit Union

South Jordan Beehive Credit Union

St. George Beehive Credit Union

Taylorsville Beehive Credit Union

ListPipe provides Powerful Custom Content™ for Beehive Credit Union. We post a new customized blog article each week that includes research on keywords, and high value links to important pages on their home site.