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New Sub Domains to Choose From!

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

We have been working to improve our system, and have implemented the ability for new customers to select from a growing range of custom sub-domains. This means we can now deliver an automated blog system through ListPipe that provides a little more autonomy from the ListPipe system itself.

We are starting with three new domains to choose from; one from each of our current target markets:

When a new customer of ListPipe signs up for a new blog, and subscription to our custom copywriting service, you will have the opportunity to select from one of these domains, and then have the opportunity to name your own sub-domain in the system.

The result is an automated system that allows you to create a blog site such as ''. Naming a sub-domain with a keyword modifier provides an important advantage in SEO, and the more relevant domain names will go a long way to help expand our ability to market the blogs within our system.

We are thrilled that we can now deliver more relevant sub-domains for our future customers. Pass this news along to anyone you know in the real estate, dentistry, or chiropractic markets.