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ListPipe Testimonial – Google PR After Only Three Weeks

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

I received the following testimonial via email from Tip Kilby, an Independent Distributor for Enagic, a ListPipe customer...

Subject: Wow! My Google placement after less than 3 weeks on ListPipe

I am the world's biggest skeptic sometimes, but you convinced me to give your ListPipe blog system a fair try. I did.

After only three weeks of using your blog service, when I typed in my Google search for "Tucson Kangen distributor", I placed fifth on Page One! There is only one actual Enagic distributor ahead of me and he is a well-established business in Irvine, CA. (Go figure!) So I am the only actual Tucson distributor listed at the top of Tucson.

And a moment ago, I thought to do a Google search for "Tucson Enagic distributor" and I just discovered my Listpipe site has the TOP TWO positions on page 1!!

Anyone who does either of those searches will definitely end up landing on one of my main Enagic template sites through the generous linking done from my blog site. Neither of my Enagic sites placed anywhere reasonable on Google.

Man, I love you guys!

Thanks Tip; We really appreciate your kind words and wish you even more success!

What is ListPipe?

Friday, June 13th, 2008

ListPipe Custom Copywriting for the WebListPipe is an organic web marketing service that helps improve your site rank in search engines.

To do this, we take advantage of organic search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that work to attract search engines to your site, increase the level of attention they dedicate to you, and raise the search rank they apply.

To facilitate this, we provide a blog website, hosting, and regular, weekly content, written just for you. Our articles are researched, optimized, and professionally written to appeal to search engine traffic.

We emphasize Powerful Custom Content™ with just the right number of keywords, links, and localization.

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