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ListPipe Testimonial – Google PR After Only Three Weeks

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

I received the following testimonial via email from Tip Kilby, an Independent Distributor for Enagic, a ListPipe customer...

Subject: Wow! My Google placement after less than 3 weeks on ListPipe

I am the world's biggest skeptic sometimes, but you convinced me to give your ListPipe blog system a fair try. I did.

After only three weeks of using your blog service, when I typed in my Google search for "Tucson Kangen distributor", I placed fifth on Page One! There is only one actual Enagic distributor ahead of me and he is a well-established business in Irvine, CA. (Go figure!) So I am the only actual Tucson distributor listed at the top of Tucson.

And a moment ago, I thought to do a Google search for "Tucson Enagic distributor" and I just discovered my Listpipe site has the TOP TWO positions on page 1!!

Anyone who does either of those searches will definitely end up landing on one of my main Enagic template sites through the generous linking done from my blog site. Neither of my Enagic sites placed anywhere reasonable on Google.

Man, I love you guys!

Thanks Tip; We really appreciate your kind words and wish you even more success!

New WordPress Training Videos Posted

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

We recently posted an all new collection of WordPress training videos for WordPress bloggers. Learn how to do the basics in WordPress.

You can view our recommended top ten wordpress training videos here. Just click on the headline for each numbered item to go to the video page.

You can also dive straight into our ListPipe WordPress video library from this page.

Our how-to videos are presented in high quality Quicktime on the site, and are available on YouTube if you want to see them in a smaller version. When you get to YouTube, do a search for 'ListPipe' and 'Wordpress' to find all the videos. There are currently 13 of them, covering topics such as logging in, and inserting images.

Each video on our demo blog includes written instructions on how to complete the task in the latest WordPress version. Each video is designed to teach you a specific task in between two and three minutes. For those of you new to WordPress blogging, this is an excellent way to become familiar with the basics of your WordPress system.

Take a look and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

New Sub Domains to Choose From!

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

We have been working to improve our system, and have implemented the ability for new customers to select from a growing range of custom sub-domains. This means we can now deliver an automated blog system through ListPipe that provides a little more autonomy from the ListPipe system itself.

We are starting with three new domains to choose from; one from each of our current target markets:

When a new customer of ListPipe signs up for a new blog, and subscription to our custom copywriting service, you will have the opportunity to select from one of these domains, and then have the opportunity to name your own sub-domain in the system.

The result is an automated system that allows you to create a blog site such as ''. Naming a sub-domain with a keyword modifier provides an important advantage in SEO, and the more relevant domain names will go a long way to help expand our ability to market the blogs within our system.

We are thrilled that we can now deliver more relevant sub-domains for our future customers. Pass this news along to anyone you know in the real estate, dentistry, or chiropractic markets.