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Am I limited to a single ListPipe blog?
Jun. 9, 2010
No. If you are serious about SEO and want to create multiple accounts, each with differing keywords, you can do that. The cost will be the same for each account that you create; we do not offer volume discounts.

Can I receive ListPipe on my free Worpress.com site?
Jun. 9, 2010
No, Wordpress.com sites that are offered by Wordpress for free are not capable of running plugins. Our Wordpress plugin is an essential component of our delivery system and will not work with the free Wordpress.com system. You can, however, upgrade your Wordpress.com to a 'Pro' account and then add our plugin.

Can I subscribe to ListPipe on my own site?
Jun. 9, 2010
Yes, you can. During the sign up process, we will ask you if you want to host on a subdomain within our system, or on your own site. We can publish our Powerful Custom Content to any external Wordpress site, including customized Wordpress implementations (but not a site on Wordpress.com). All you need is our simple Wordpress pluggin, which we will provide to you after the Sign Up process. You can also use our RelayPipe™ webservice to receive our content to your dynamic website such as those built in PHP or ASP. Our RelayPipe webservice is an advanced solution for experienced webmasters.

Do I have to accept each article?
Jun. 9, 2010
No. You have full rights to the content that appears on your blog. If you choose to reject an article, you can. You may also edit each article, or write and add your own.

Do I have to approve each article before it is posted?
Jun. 9, 2010
No. You can choose to receive the articles we post for you 'automatically'. Automatic approval allows the articles we publish to appear in your blog automatically, without any intervention from you. You can also choose to 'Manually Approve' each article. Manual Approve requires that you approve the article in our notification email before the post appears live on your blog. In either case, you retain the ability to log into your blog at any time and delete or make changes to any article.

How do I deauthorize the connection to my Facebook page?
Oct. 27, 2010
You can deauthorize your connection to Facebook by first logging into your ListPipe Control Panel and 'Unlink' to Facebook. Then, login to your Facebook account and select 'Account' in the upper right-hand corner. Choose 'Privacy Settings', then at the bottom-left, under 'Applications and Websites' select 'Edit your settings'. Then in the 'Applications you use' section, select the 'Edit Settings' button to the right. You will see an application called 'ListPipeLink'. Just click on the 'X' to remove the application. Done!

I already have a website; How will ListPipe help me?
Jun. 9, 2010
ListPipe is designed to enhance your existing site with searchable content that appeals to the search engines. We provide Powerful Custom Content for blogs that are hosted on our own system, and for external sites. We have a Wordpress plugin that allows you to receive our content to your own Wordpress site, and we also have a webservice that allows advanced webmasters to receive our content to a dynamic website such as those built in PHP or ASP.

I set up my blog account and do not see any content or notifications to edit content. I filled out the content form completely when I set up the account, and the site is up and running, but I don't see any new content. Why not?
Oct. 4, 2010
Creating an account takes as few as 5 minutes. However we only begin posting to your new account in the next hour, so you may experience a short time before your account receives new content after starting a new account. Please be patient; content will appear in your account in about an hour.

I'm getting a parse error when I try to activate the plugin about an unexpected '{'. What do I do?
Jun. 9, 2010
This error typically occurs if you are running WordPress on a version of PHP before to PHP 5. Your WordPress site needs to be running on PHP 5 or above to run the ListPipe Plugin.

What if I get a warning about "file_get_contents()" when working with RelayPipe?
Jun. 9, 2010
This is most likely due to a restriction on your server. Some hosting companies restrict the "file_get_contents()" function. Talk with your hosting provider to see if they have a work around. If they do not, try using the PHP cURL library (see "http://php.net/cURL").

What vertical markets does ListPipe support?
Jun. 9, 2010
We can support virtually any market. We have exceptional writers and researchers who are trained to focus on writing SEO for any industry. Currently we support the real estate market, and the dentistry market, and various other markets for our channel affiliates. If you are involved in a vertical market that you think would benefit from ListPipe's SEO content services, please contact us.

When I have closed the question form by accident or waited too long to submit the required information your site tells me the email address has been used already. Is there no other way than to wait for 24 hours to submit again?
Aug. 5, 2010 by jan, Holland ZH Vlaardingen
You only need to wait 30 minutes for your session to time out. If you were unable to complete the account within the 30 minute window, your username will be released. However if you were successful in creating an account, but did not complete the Content Form (the last form), you will be able to login to your Control Panel and complete the Content Form from within your account.

Why am I not getting content, even though I have signed up?
Jun. 9, 2010
The most common reason why you may not be receiving weekly content posted to your blog is that you have not completed your Content Form. The Content Form is a critical step in the sign up process, and helps us determine how to produce custom content for your specific blog. If your Content Form is incomplete, we cannot deliver content. To make sure your Content Form is complete, please login to your ListPipe account, and select the Change Content Information link. You will see the Content Form; just make sure all the fields are filled in with your preferences, and we'll take care of the rest. The second most common reason why you may not be receiving content, if you have an external Wordpress site, is that you have not downloaded or activated our ListPipe Content Generator plugin. To do this, please search for the plugin and install it as you would any other.

Why aren't I getting the email notifications?
Jun. 9, 2010
Check your Junk Mail or Spam folder. Because our content is delivered in an HTML format, it is sometimes labeled as 'spam' the first time it arrives in your email inbox. If you do not 'whitelist' our first send, you may have trained your system to filter all subsequent emails. Simply identify your next email from us as wanted mail and you should begin receiving them as normal.

Why don't you support PHP 4?
Jun. 9, 2010
PHP 4 lacks the functionality that we need for the ListPipe plugin. Upgrade to PHP 5, you'll love it.

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